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Don't Let Valentines Day Cloud Your Decision

Is Love Really In the Air?

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Deciding to end your relationship is rarely an easy choice and is one that often comes filled with heavy emotions. With February here and Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s not surprising for couples going through a separation or divorce to feel even more overwhelmed or upset about their current love life.

Alongside conversation hearts and roses, some clients may even second guess their decision to divorce their significant other. Here’s why you should avoid making rash decisions over this commercial holiday.

Leading With Reason

As we’ve mentioned, deciding to divorce isn’t something that happens overnight — and so your decision to stop your divorce proceedings shouldn’t either. Instead, it’s important to speak to your loved ones and lawyer about what your next steps look like.

With many decisions to make regarding your future and your children’s future, it can sometimes feel easier to avoid moving forward. However, it’s important to remember what’s in not only your best interest — but your children’s.

If you are having trouble coping with your separation, divorce, or custody battle over the holiday, consider turning this romantic holiday into a time to show love to those around you who support and love you — from friends to family. And maybe stay off social media for the day.

Deciding to Divorce

While our team doesn’t advise making irrational decisions over Valentine’s Day, we also recognize that more couples tend to call it quits over the holidays in general. In fact, according to data published in the New York Post, divorce filings have an average increase of 40 percent near Valentine’s Day, and divorce-related questions that the site received rose 36 percent. Often, this may be the case as couples have put off filing for divorce near Christmas and New Year’s and feel the need to start their separation during Valentine’s season.

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