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Social Media & its Effect on Divorce

Why Your Lawyer Advises Staying Off Social Media During Divorce

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Whether it’s resharing a relatable meme or venting on your story — it may be tempting to use your social media to help you feel better amid a divorce. However, this quick post can be used against you in your divorce case and cause more harm than good. Here’s how.

Posting With Significant Others

Being tagged in a photo or sharing one of where you are and who you’re with can often cause your significant other to suspect infidelity. In a divorce case, it can be used against you to prove a cause — even though California is a no-fault state.

Showing Erratic Behavior

Social media is all fun and games — until someone screenshots your post and sends it to your ex. Emails, direct messages, text messages, and other public social media posts are admissible forms of evidence that your spouse’s lawyer can use to their advantage. Additionally, it can even cause a judge to rule against you when determining custody and visitation rights.

Revealing Spending Habits

Many spouses try to hide assets amid their divorce to prevent spouse or child support payments. However, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says that Facebook is the leader in social networking sites used to gather dirt spouses can use against each other during a divorce.

This means that posting about vacations, purchases or other expenses can give your ex the defense they need to prove you’re worth more than the court thinks.

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