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Making Your Holiday Visitation Schedule After Divorce

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but getting your kids used to a set holiday schedule following a divorce can be a tough task. After your divorce is finalized, making a plan should be the first thing you do so you can develop a sense of normalcy and routine for your kids.

Here are some tips to keep the joy in the holidays from our attorneys at Sullivan Law & Associates.

Tips For a Stress-Free Holiday Plan

Create a Schedule Similar to the One Your Kids Are Already Familiar With

Don’t make things difficult by completely changing your family’s holiday traditions. If you normally visit both families during the holidays, figure out which family your children will visit first and go from there.

Talk To Your Ex About Opening Gifts

Decide if your children will open gifts with both parents present in one location or if they will open gifts at separate homes. If gift-giving will be done separately, schedule dates or times for Santa to visit both homes.

Shift the Focus Away from Material Things

Getting a divorce is expensive, and if you find yourself needing to plan a budget, try to shift the focus away from gift-giving and think of something else to get your kids involved like having a movie night or putting up holiday decorations.

Ask Your Children What They Want

Planning a new holiday visitation schedule can confuse children if it is outside of their norm. Ask them what they want to do, which parent they would like to spend time with first, and how they would like to spend their holiday. Don’t be afraid to make new traditions by going on vacation or spending time at a relative’s home!

Make It a Memorable Holiday

Don’t stress! Planning new experiences is a headache, but it can also be very rewarding. Your children will remember fun times with their parents no matter if they spent their holiday in separate households. Communicate with your ex to make the best plan and come to an agreement on a set schedule that can not be changed.

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