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How to Get Through a Divorce During the Holidays

Advice For Couples Divorcing During the Holidays

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While many couples wait to divorce until after the holiday season, many couples decide to file sooner. Whether you’re getting ready to file, in the process of filing, or just finalized your paperwork, the first holiday season spent divorced can be stressful and emotionally draining.

Our family law attorneys at Sullivan Law & Associates have some advice that can help ease your tension and allow you to celebrate the holiday season.

Consider Spending the Holidays Apart

Depending on your situation, it may be best to spend the holiday season apart if you’re going through a divorce. This will allow each spouse to have their time to celebrate the holidays without any feelings of stress associated with their divorce proceedings.

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Make New Traditions

If you’re filing for divorce, continuing your holiday traditions may feel uncomfortable, mostly if you’ve typically spent time with your spouse’s family during these celebrations. Whether that means going on vacation or spending time away at your family’s, it can be useful to spend some time apart so you can both enjoy the holiday season.

Share Holiday Experiences With Friends and Family

Whether you’re going through the divorce process currently or just signed your paperwork, you may be feeling down about the holidays. However — don’t spend your holiday alone. Reach out to friends and family to partake in new holiday activities and surround yourself with the people you care about and who care about you.

Set a New Year’s Resolution

A divorce can take a toll on you, which means you may have pushed some of your goals or aspirations off to the wayside. From focusing on a healthier lifestyle, a career change, or a new hobby — now is the perfect time to think about yourself and plan your goals for the New Year ahead. This will help you avoid dwelling on your divorce process and help you move forward. New year, new you!

Tips for Divorced Parents During the Holidays

Couples who are freshly divorced or going through the process experience difficulties during the holidays — however, parents have more to think about than just themselves: their children. Here are a few tips to help you through the season and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive.

Plan Your Holiday Visitation Schedule

Fact: judges hate to decide which parent has their children on the holidays. If you share custody with your ex-spouse, it will be up to you to determine where the kids will spend their time. Remember to plan to allow your co-parent enough time to prepare the days and any special activities they may want to do.

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Be Flexible

Remember that holiday celebrations don’t always have to occur according to the calendar. If your ex has your children for the holidays, you can still make the days before and after those dates just as special. Your children will be happy to be able to spend this time with both of their parents, even if that means separate festivities. From your little one’s perspective, it’ll be extra fun to have multiple holiday celebrations! Who doesn’t love more holiday cheer?

Shift the Focus Away From Gift Giving

Legal fees may have you stressed about spending plenty of money on holiday gifts, but it’s important to remember that gift-giving isn’t the point of the season. Spending time with your children and creating happy, long-lasting memories is what counts. Instead of focusing on gifts, try having fun movie nights, spend time cooking or baking, or putting holiday decorations up!

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