Celebrating Father’s Day After a Divorce

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Father’s Day is a time for families to show appreciation and love for their fathers. However, celebrating this holiday after a divorce can be a little tricky for a family coping with so many changes. As co-parents, it is important for former spouses to show that although mom and dad are no longer together, they can still celebrate the role their father plays in their children’s lives.

Here are some tips for celebrating Father’s Day after going through a divorce:

  • Mother’s Day precedes Father’s Day, which are both parent-centric holidays that allow families to celebrate both parental figures. Whenever possible, children should be allowed to spend these respective holidays with the celebrated parent. In some cases, this might mean taking a look at the parenting schedule and making any necessary adjustments to allow your children to spend time with their father for Father’s Day. You might consider swapping weekends, so your kids do not have to miss out on celebrating with their dad. Fathers should do the same for moms during Mother’s Day.
  • If your children’s father is far away and it is impractical for the children to spend Father’s Day with him, do what you can to still make this day special. Nowadays, technology allows us to be close to one another even when great distances separate us, so consider allowing your children to Skype or video chat with their dad. Ask them if they want to send their dad a gift for Father’s Day and plan for it to arrive there on time. These acts of goodwill will also go a long way when it comes to nurturing your relationship as co-parents.
  • Did your family already have a routine for celebrating Father’s Day? You might not be able to keep with tradition in the aftermath of a divorce, but that does not mean new traditions cannot be made. Father’s Day is a day for the kids to celebrate their dad and to make special memories, so as long as this can be accomplished, old traditions won’t carry so much weight.
  • Moms who have a strained relationship with their children’s father might have a tough time with this holiday. Try to think of it as a chance to recognize what their father does for them and respect your children’s relationship with him. Your children need both of you in their lives, so show your support for the bond they have with their father and set aside your differences.

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