Sullivan Law & Associates Named Law Firm of the Month

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We Have Been Featured on the Cover of the Orange County Attorney Journal

Sullivan Law & Associates has been recognized as the Law Firm of the Month by the Orange County Attorney Journal. We have been featured on the cover of this month’s print edition, and our successful strategy for managing referrals is highlighted in an article therein.

As mentioned in the article, much of our success as an Irvine family law firm is due to our skillful, hands-on approach to referrals we receive from other professionals. We have made a name for ourselves as one of Orange County’s most trusted family law groups and often receive referrals from other attorneys and law firms as a result. All our staff members are trained to treat referrals with empathy, honesty, and special attention, and many clients who come to our firm through referrals speak highly of the level of customer service they receive while working with Sullivan Law & Associates.

This is in large part because we help instill confidence and realistic expectations in all our referred clients. It is our mission to make sure every referred client feels secure in our care and assured of our ability to skillfully handle their case. We also aim to make sure each client is well-acquainted with the options available to them and our goals while working to address their challenges. We are pleased that this approach has earned us the high honor of being named Law Firm of the Month.

We Serve Clients in Orange County and Throughout Orange County

At Sullivan Law & Associates, we regularly handle referrals from other firms, and we are pleased to know of our peers’ confidence in our ability to manage their clients’ cases with dignity, honesty, and attention. When you come to our firm for help with a family legal matter or send one of your clients our way, rest assured that we will provide a realistic perspective on the case at hand and the kind of valuable counsel that creates peace of mind during complex family law cases.

Call (949) 565-2793 today to speak to one of our family law attorneys in Irvine. We serve clients in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and the surrounding areas.